Becoming a champion you

A champion you is being the best you that you can possibly be. Hurtles and obstacles are mandatory in quest of this… There will always be tons of shit in our way. Especially, when it is our hope and desire to better ourselves.

I know this first hand.

A lot of you out there know this just as well.

I just read an article in a magazine about 10 things you need to know to become a championship dirt bike racer. As I read this I thought to myself, I will never become a championship dirt bike racer but how these 10 things can relate to damn near anything.

So I took them, and I twerked them…

Wait. I mean, TWEAKED them.

Damn it Miley!

Ok. So I tweaked them to fit something a lot more insightful.

Becoming champions of our own lives… How awesome does that sound?!?

Plus, I don’t really know a whole hell of a lot about dirt bikes. Except for the random time or two I have used them in a rap…

“And I’m sure you’re no stranger to what the hurts like- So let the X games, no dirt bikes…”

Again, you don’t have to say it. I know…

Well… I’m either a genius or a complete “Tool”. Make your own conclusion on that matter.

But since the world is not ready for Joe Paradise… That’s my rapper name by the way. ..

Check out these 10 things you should know about to becoming a champion in your own life.

Here are 1-5…

10 things you need to know about becoming a champion in your own life…

1. Be a leader… a champion never follows. He attracts people who want to follow in his footsteps and be like him. When others are uncertain or hesitant, at that very moment the outcome is in doubt that is when a leader steps forward.

2. Be a student… in order to achieve greatness in your life, you need to first become a student. Raw talent will only get you so far, and being hard headed will stop you dead in your tracks. Taking a step back to reflect on what you are doing now and what you need to be doing will keep you moving forward. True champions become great when they are able to put pride aside and learn from their rises. The learning is endless.

3. Sacrifice… to become a champion in your own life, you have to make sacrifices. If you want to become the best you that you can be long days and tough weeks are in store. It’s not uncommon for champions to sacrifice their social lives, fun, family and relationships to climb to the top. Sacrifice takes a high level of dedication. Not giving into peer pressure or guilty pressures builds mental toughness and confidence.

4. Balance… It’s no secret that the road to a better you and healthier life can be overwhelming. You need to eat, sleep, think and breathe champion like characteristics into your life 24-7. But it can be a dangerous obsession without the right stability. Learning to balance life with friends, family and some fun will keep you sane for years to come. It will take time and patience to figure out what works for your specific needs.

5. Mental toughness… Anything we want to accomplish in life is much more mental than physical. Your body will give up long before your mind does. For true champions however, giving up is not an option. They must have EXTREME confidence in themselves and refrain from self doubt. Champions have to believe that they are so much better than every negative thing in their lives that can bring them down.


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