10 things continued…6-10

6. Self discipline… Having self discipline in your life is more than just putting in enough effort. It is the ability to set aside other pressures and concentrate solely on your own progress. Not choosing to achieve second best, knowing in their hearts when something is not good enough and can and should be better.  

7. Be creative… Champions are creative people. They are innovative. They are always pushing new frontiers. Creative people stretch the perimeters of life. They think outside the box, creating progression where most assume there is no room to grow. Champions are dreamers. They have goals that become a reality.

8. Courage… No champion is without courage. Champions have the courage to face fear and step up to any challenge. They are prepared to follow their instincts, even if their instincts go against the grain. In trying times, when most people will be defeated, champions rise to the challenge with the courage to concur.

9. Know how to lose… Although champions prepare to be the best, defeat is inevitable. Dealing with being second best is one of the toughest lessons champions have to learn. Strong irony of the champion is that he must be able to live with failure as well as success. No one can stay on top forever or win every time. The ones who can learn from their defeats will grow and prosper.  

10. Fear… One of the primary reasons people don’t strive for greatness is the fear of failure, yet almost no one, who has succeeded has not failed first. Champions learn from their experiences and they learn as much if not more from their failures.


5 thoughts on “10 things continued…6-10

    1. I thought they were great posts too…he posted the first part 1-5 earlier today “Becoming a champion you” and the second part 6-10 this evening. I will read him your comment in the morning. I know he is happy to have you share anything you wish and he is always appreciative of the kind words. You are an inspiration as well and we hope all is good your way. 🙂 Take care- Jen

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