How important music is…

In prison, music is a way a lot of guys in here cope and get through the time. Especially me. Music can pull you through some of the hardest times. Something I know quite well from personal experiences. But it can also be motivational…

Before a big soccer game or a tough workout I will put the headphones on and just “turn up”!

Or if I am working on some cartoons, a caricature, or a painting, I’ll vibe out and let the music put me “in the zone”.

I listen to everything now, which is saying a lot because when I was younger, like back in my teens, it was mostly all rock. Hell, I was even playing guitar back then and trying to start a band.

Then when I turned 18 and getting into trouble and getting locked up, I started rapping.

Rap took over my life and did so for a bunch of years. But as I got older I started liking everything…rap, rock, country…

Now I am like a musical contisor.

I’m always looking for something new to add to the variety of Joewriteshiswrongs and things that can be used to keep this blog fresh and interesting.

Well…I think I have hit pay dirt!

From time to time (how often, who knows) I will be posting “what I am listening to write now”.

Isn’t that so clever… the whole “write” now.

You don’t have to say it… oh wait… what? You did?

Genius. I know.

From time to time I will be posting “What I’m listing to write now”. I’ll post a song and by whatever artist, then tell you why I am listing to it right then. It can be an older song… or it can be a newer one. I will also include a link so that you can check out the song if you like and also and let me know what you think about it.

Does it reach you like it reaches me? Do you like it?

Do you hate it?

I think this might offer all of you a little more insight behind the lines of the mayhem here. Like if I post some crazy head banger shit, you might think “ok wow his day must really suck”.

Or if I post something by Taylor Swift you might think “oh wow this guy is a real douche bag”.

By the way…

I will never post anything by Taylor Swift… Enjoy!


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