Just a little food for thought to get you thinking….


Poll 1 Answers

A. work out…sometimes that is a hard thing to do because you a certainly not eating a lot while in “the hole”.  So energy conservation is a big thing when wanting to avoid hunger pain.

B. Masturbate constantly… but even that gets old after awhile… wait. I sound like I am talking from experience. Oh wait. I am!

C. Sleep… this is like the # 1 thing to do while in solitary. Sometimes you sleep so much you don’t even know if it is day or night. Sometimes you can only tell what part of the day it is by what trays you are brought…breakfast lunch dinner.

D. Talk to yourself… this is equal to going insane or losing your mind but it passes the time.



Poll 2 Answers

A. A magazine like Playboy…for the articles of course.

B. A celebrity gossip magazine… because what is going on with Kim and Kanye West is always important no matter where you are.

C. A news week type magazine…to keep up with what is going on in the world.

D. A travel magazine…maybe just the pictures of exotic places could provide some sort of mental escape.

E. Sports magazine… sports rule in prison and also at most men’s lives… maybe in a lot of women’s lives too.


2 thoughts on “Just a little food for thought to get you thinking….

  1. Curious about the first poll:
    When I worked at prison inmates in “the hole” had access to books from the library and to pencils (those lame rubber flex ones) and lined paper.
    Do you guys have that stuff and it just doesn’t make the top of the list, or is that barred too?


    1. Every facility is different as I am sure you know. I have been in some where they do allow it and some where they do not. For this poll I figured I would go with the more interesting or unique answers this time.


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