I took a week off…

This past week has been a bad one. Because of that I decided to take a little hiatus from the blog. I had figured that was better than the alternative, me bitching about a bunch of headiest stuff that prison life can confront you with and that I can’t change.

As this week winds down to an end, I can only hope that next week is a better one.

There are some things that I like to note about this past week, though.

I started a new gigantic mural in the gym.  It’s a piece for the young kids who come to visitation. They will enjoy it a lot as only they could recognize all the characters depicted in it. Once it is completed I will get a picture taken with it so I can show it to all of you. It should turn out to be a very impressive piece.

The world cup also started this past week. So no matter how aggravating life incarcerated can be, having the ability to watch soccer everyday of the week half way through July makes it fantastic.

Plus the US team just recently beat “Ghana” who had put them out twice in previous world cups. Today, USA plays Portugal and one of the best players in the world Cristiano Renaldo at 6pm on ESPN.  The US team has a good chance in this match and I am hoping they can pull off this win. Or, at least a tie. Both cases would help USA advance to the next round.

This next week, I will get back to the life. My main adjective is to keep the post as high quality as possible, also as entertaining as possible too. But I am curious to know what those of you who read this blog think. I want to know what you enjoy most on here.

I have created a poll for you to weigh in so I can have a better understanding of what you like most about Joewriteshiswrongs, so that I can know if I am heading in the right direction or not. The blog is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the bigger picture. Another story for another year… next year that is.

In the mean time please vote using the poll, and be on the lookout for new material to be posted this up coming week.



6 thoughts on “I took a week off…

  1. I voted for the more serious side of things. I think you tend to write for your audience and you forget to write for yourself. Whatever you write, we will read/support. I enjoy all the funnies and art and know you put your soul into that too but I enjoy reading things most when I see emotion just poured into the page. Just remember to write for yourself first, and audience second.

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    1. I totally agree with you! I love hearing/reading the funny stuff he writes and of course love all of his artwork, I think sometimes he needs to write more of what he feels though or thinks because he wants people to know he has a serious side too. Specially if he is trying to eventually find some sort of success with his art/writing. He looks at it as people don’t want to read that kind of stuff but in fact many do as well. -Jen


  2. I voted for the “serious” choice. Mainly because the whole situation is tragic. That you can tap into the inner peace to create art and find humor and that you have found this way to stay connected to the world outside those walls, speaks volumes for you as a person.

    Your comics are excellent – you really have a wonderful talent there! Like C-of-C said earlier if you write for yourself you will not disappoint those following your blog. I personally hope that when you are finally freed from there that you will continue to entertain the world with your unique perspective on life.

    I am going to guess and say that most of your readers have not been incarcerated themselves although who among us can not honestly say “there but for the grace of God go I.” We all know there are good folks that get locked up because of a lapse of judgement, tough breaks and what not.. I am following because I care about you and appreciate your willingness to involve the rest of the world so publicly in the doing your time.

    I know you would like to get an idea of what your blog followers expect of you – and I do have some ideas that I would like to see you get into in the future – but I hesitate to knock anything you do because this is your blog (you too Jen.) It is your place on the internet that’s the best part of the whole deal.

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    1. Thank you! You definitely need a sense of humor to survive in here, although even with a sense of humor this place can really get to someone. It would probably help to let that out at times. I am surrounded by guys who are always bitching about something, I saw it as I didn’t want to be one of those guys. Then again, it is a chance for all my followers to see the kind of shit I am forced to deal with daily and how even with a sense of humor this place can still get to you.
      Each day is a new day though, a new chance. I am thankful for all of my followers and all of their support. My plan is to continue to entertain the world, even after my release.

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