A possible life sentence for a childhood friend

I think it was back in 2011 when I first learned of everything that was going on with this guy who I had considered my best friend for about 5 years when I was a kid.

Have you ever known someone in your life from your youth or childhood that you lost contact with and wondered whatever happen to them?

I’m sure all of us have, and that’s basically what this is all about. It’s crazy how life can turn out too. Especially when you learn something horrible about a person you once knew and wondered what the hell could have made them do the shit they did.

Back in 2011, I read a newspaper article about a guy that I used to play with and ride bikes with when I was a kid. The article said his wife or girlfriend had sold some stolen goods and when the cops came to their home, they search it.

Inside they found the couples young daughter who was being held captive inside of a pen of some sort that had been flipped upside down and weighed down with the child inside of it.  Like inside of a cage. The article also said it appeared this was how the child lived for quite some time. Held in captivity. Like a prisoner.

A child for God’s sake!

It gets worse too.

The child was about 6 or 7 at the time and she hasn’t even been taught how to talk yet. Plus she was all sorts of screwed up from the conditions she had to live in.

Upon further investigation, remains of another child were dug up from the backyard of the couple’s home.

These people were monsters. And one of which was a guy I considered my best friend as a child when we were kids.

Since all of this the couple has received 30 years for what they did to their daughter and are going to court right now for a murder charge for the remains of their other child.

I cannot see them receiving anything less than a life sentence for this horrible shit. And honestly, I feel they deserve that.

People make mistakes. Yes, I get that. That describes me to a “T”. But there is a line where that justification just can’t even begin to come close to explaining why someone did something bad or wrong.

Harm to a child is one of the biggest lines in the sand I have to draw, personally. A child needs the protection, guidance, nurturing and safety that is to be expected from his or her parent.

It is that parent or set of parents or guardians responsibility to care for the child or children.

When that fails to happen and harm is caused to the child by the parents own doing or negligence, how do you justify that?

To me, you just can’t.

If there is an upside to the story it is that the little girl is doing much better now. She has been adopted by a wonderful couple and is being well cared for. As the news reports they say she is making great progress as she recovers from such a traumatic ordeal. I’m sure that won’t be an easy thing for her to do. But I certainly wish the best for her.



2 thoughts on “A possible life sentence for a childhood friend

  1. The most demented among us are those who harm defenceless children and animals. I like to believe I am a compassionate person. I have no compassion for those who cross that line.


  2. Some people make honest mistakes. Some people have to learn lessons the hard way. And some people…some people are just plain sick. There is no chance of understanding why they do what they do, because there is nothing that can be understood. They are sick, diseased in the mind. That doesn’t excuse their actions – they should and better be held accountable and serve as long in prison as the law can give them. Just don’t ever hope to understand their motivations.

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