A character caricatured is back!

It’s been a longtime since I last brought you a caricature of one of the characters I’m incarcerated with. With the stories I have told lately about the “Watermen” and the “Weirdo” that sleeps across from me, I guess the sensible thing to do would have been to caricature one of those guys. Or maybe even “I’m too good for prison and think I belong on a Hollywood set with a latté”.

Remember him? He was the guy I had first mentioned trying to caricature when I thought of characters caricatured in the first place.

But as you have noticed from time to time on Joewriteshiswrongs, I very rarely do the sensible thing.

So instead I am going to introduce all of you to a guy I talk about quite a bit.

My good friend “Meeko”.

What can I say about this guy other then he is in a class shared by few others.

I have known Meeko for about a year now and throughout that time we have laughed at everything historically.  Most all of the stories I tell about here at the prison he has been a part of them in some form or fashion.

Everything from the community voting box to the first chair sex story and all the little childish pranks and games we have played on the Watermen…

Yup. Meeko was a part of all that.

As a writer and a cartoonist I found it imperative to be surrounded by “somewhat” intelligent but completely hilarious people. Guys who can turn humor on at the top of a hat.

Meeko is certainly one of those kinds of guys. Whenever I am writing a blog an I get stuck because I can’t think of exactly how to say what I am trying to say, I will ask Meeko for his input.

I might say “I need a good way to say the dentist drilled the shit out of my tooth.” “Give me something great.”

“Say the dentist hammer fucked your mouth”. Meeko might respond.  Just like that kids got great whit.

Meeko had this horrible complex about his figure. He is also just recovered from being a “fat guy” he has worked very hard to get back into shape and that is in no small part thanks to me. I have provided him with some great motivation over the course of the year through the great nicknames I have given him…

Little tub cheese.

Two trays!

Fat for life.

It’s names like these that Meeko is outside right this second working out.

The caricature of Meeko I did as he sat listening to Jason Aldean, Night Train cd while reading a magazine. When I was done drawing it he said in “Oh my God.” Do I really look this damn good?!?

He even said he wanted to use it as his Facebook profile picture.

Meeko is my homeboy funny as hell but a little self conscious.

You can bet he will be mentioned in more stories to come.

Oh, and as far as self conscious goes… man, that guy Mr. I’m too good for prison… he is the worst and also the funniest of them all when it comes to being self conscious.

I swear, I gotta get that guy up here…




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