Turning Trash Into Treasure

In prison everyone does time different. Some do nothing while others do as much as they can to keep their minds occupied. Most don’t want to think of the fact they are losing years of their life for one reason or another.

Some just lay around miserable watching TV, doing as little as possible while others do as much as they can like play sports, workout,  draw, paint, tattoo… whatever they can do to pass the time.

Recently, I ran across a guy who was doing something pretty unique and interesting with his time. Something I had never seen before. He was making these elaborate picture frames out of potato chip bags and saltine cracker boxes.

Sounds crazy, right? But you have to see these things to really get a good understanding of just how cool they are.

I mean, first this guy goes around and collects empty potato chip bags from anyone he can. Then he rips them apart, washes them, and then cuts them into weavable strips. From there, your guess is as good as mine from how he constructs them.

What I do know is that it takes this guy tons of chip bags, and patience to put these awesome picture frames together.

How much patience?

About 3 day’s worth. That’s how long it takes him to make each completed frame set.

When I first saw these picture frames I first thought to myself “What a cool way to not only recycle, but to also LETERALLY turn trash into treasure and help pass the time as well.”

Then I thought “Wouldn’t these things be kind of a great conversation piece and what if these things could be marketed?”

That would be AWESOME and that would also HELP me and “chip bag weaver guy”.

So without further ado… feast your eyes on these double framed very unique cross combination picture frames… made with time and care…from potato chip bags and saltine cracker boxes…

This product is made from 100% recycled material and would surely be a story to tell for anyone who is asked where they got these awesome picture frames from.

Of course I have to try and market them now…lol

So if you are interested in possibly purchasing one of these awesome picture frames or learning more about them as well as others that I have to offer, please visit here and see what I have to offer.

If nothing else, it is a great story to share with everyone on here and show you what the end result looks like.


This frame is made from the inside of the potato chip bags (Chrome), which you can see hangs on the wall nicely.



This one is constructed with the outsides of the potato chip bags.



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