A Work of Art

I figured I would share some of Joe’s work he has done over the past year, with all of you. He is very talented and his talent only continues to grow with every piece of artwork that he creates.

He has created a Joewriteshiswrongs Facebook “like” page which I mentioned last week for those of you who missed that post, you can find the Facebook page here. For the ones who don’t have Facebook, I figured I would go ahead and share a few pieces of his art/cartoons on here. I also figured I would share some because most of the cartoons that he posts on here to go with his stories are just quick drawn up ones that he doesn’t put all his talent and effort into.

When it comes to Joe’s art/cartoons he is his biggest critic… A lot of the pieces I posted he liked at first and now that he has gotten so much better he looks back at them and starts naming all this stuff he did wrong or could have done better. I personally think they all look great. Granted, I am no artist, but I know I could never draw or paint 99% of the stuff he can. Lol

This is from a comic strip he was working on that I personally love…



This first painting is a picture of his father. I personally think he did an awesome job on this one; it looks just like the picture of his dad he painted it from.


He painted this piece after Paul Walker’s death as a tribute to him on his old blog.


A few other paintings he has done…








I also figured now that Joe has added the Characters Caricatured portion to his blog, I would also post some older caricatures he has done so you can see how far along he has come with creating caricatures over the past year.





I wanted to add this one because I love the show, plus I think he did good with this one…considering it was when he first started drawing caricatures. Don’t hold the speck on his nose against Joe though, lol that was from the scanner and I noticed it after…now I am just too lazy to go through ALL his artwork to find it and re-scan it. 🙂


This caricature was drawn from a picture off of Google images.




What is your opinion of his work? Which one is your favorite? Least favorite? Any and all feedback is always welcome 🙂

He is working on a painting right now which he is almost done with that he is sending me and I can’t wait to see it and post it. This piece will actually be of a scene…which is something new to him. He say’s it looks really good so far though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “A Work of Art

  1. A good job done on the paintings and caricatures, but the comic strips of the deers absolutely killed me. They’re really well executed, and had me laughing out loud. The style of the. Is unique too. 🙂
    – sonmicloud.

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