Early Bird Special

Joe is always talking about how the food there in the prison is horrible and if you don’t eat when they eat then you don’t eat at all…well unless you have money on your books to buy food from the commissary, to put in your box.

Where Joe is at they go to breakfast around 6-6:30, lunch about noonish and dinner between 4-4:30, all depending when your dorm goes to chow is when you go.

Last night on the phone Joe was telling me about an article he had read in the paper. It talked about how they were changing the times food was served at in the surrounding jails to better fit the needs of the guards. Reading this article I thought, how ridiculous and unfair for them to do this. I can understand changing the times, but come on…serving breakfast at 4:00am and then 4 hours later lunch but waiting 8 hours to serve dinner.

Yes, I can see if you didn’t want to get up that early for breakfast at least lunch isn’t a long wait, but at least make it like 10:00am or something I would think. It’s not like they feed you much to hold you over anyways.

I don’t know…that is just my opinion. Figured I would share the article as well.


Hope everyone has a great week and Happy St. Patty’s Day! 


One thought on “Early Bird Special

  1. I understand making adjustments. But 4am breakfast and 8am lunch? That’s just ridiculous. They could of just adjusted times a half hour to allow the change over of shifts. That’s what hospitals do. The meal times in hospitals are an hour before the new shift comes is so the staff can serve all the meals and then the changing shift can take over and do clean up.

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