The mental issues medical meltdown

One day while I was painting a mural, A CO ran by the room I was painting in and said that everyone had to return back to their housing units immediately.

This happen while I was in a building with a bunch of different classrooms in it. So there were prisoners everywhere and we all came popping out of whatever classroom we were in.

Everyone sensed the franticness of the CO and wanted to know just what was going on.

I wanted to know too, and as I packed up my painting supplies, my mind began to drum up different scenarios.

Silently, I pray to myself that a riot had erupted in one of the housing unit.

“Please GOD”. I thought to myself. “Let whatever had happen have happen in MY housing unit.”

“Let it have involved everyone that I can’t stand in my building.”

“Let there have been blood.”

In case you can’t tell, I have a strong dislike for a few of the guys I am housed around.

As everyone tried to leave to return back to their building, we were all stopped and told we had to wait.

Prisoner movement was temporarily restricted.

This was a sure sign to all of us that someone or even multiple someone’s were being “locked-up” and transported to the “hole.”

Sure enough, just then, someone noticed that there was a prisoner that was being escorted over to the disciplinary lock up building and he was being escorted by 5 CO’s!

I say “escorted” but really it was more like they were dragging his sorry ass across the pavement.

When the transport was done we were allowed to leave, and when I got back to my building it was in a complete uproar.

It then became apparent to me that whatever had happen had indeed happen in my housing unit.

Of course, it had.

My housing unit is a complete fucking jungle gym.

I made my way through the chaos and ruckus and found my boy “Shep”

“What the hell happen in here?” I asked.

He told me that this absolute psychopath dude who probably really shouldn’t be fucked with had some kind of serious medical issue.

I think he said it had something to do with his leg.

He then said the psycho dude asked the CO if he could go to medical and the CO said “No… you’re not going anywhere.”

This made psycho dude VERY angry.

He then began beating on the glass that leads out to a vestibule and also to a lieutenant’s office.

Psycho dude was then let out into the vestibule where I’m sure he thought maybe now because of his crazy man antics he would now be allowed to GO to medical.

That was not at all the case.

First, before I continue, imagine this. The groups were forced to partake in here at this facility are like front row ring side seats to the vestibule area. There are giant Plexiglas windows that separate the housing units from the vestibules. When we pull up to group with our little plastic chairs, we are looking right out into the vestibules.

Better seats couldn’t have been BOUGHT for what was about to take place. Especially considering it happen smack dab in the middle of group time.

In the vestibule a CO confronted psycho dude and the confrontation did not go to good I guess because the CO then attempted to handcuff this lunatic.

Shep told me the CO got one hand cuffed but before he could get the other hand cuffed, psycho dude snapped.

He spun around and grabbed the CO who as I was told looked at that exact moment like he might have actually shit himself.

Psycho dude then tussled with the CO. This commotion then caused the lieutenant to run out of his office and attempt to intervene and help this helpless officer. But his heroic action was short lived as psycho dude pushed the lieutenant away and also into a wall.

Three other officers quickly arrived on the scene and insisted in subduing psycho dude who was now Spartan like, ready for war, and also was now being cheered on by the entire housing unit.

It took four officers plus one lieutenant to contain this guy and regain control of the situation.

Hearing this I understood a little more about the escorting of the prison to the hole I had witnessed earlier.

After all this the officer who had originally attempted to cuff psycho dude looked pretty shell shocked. Maybe he had learned a valuable lesson from this little experience…

You can’t treat everyone like shit…because eventually someone might actually attempt to kill you.

Oh, and psycho dude…he is fucked.

Assaulting an officer automatically gets you shit canned and sent to the worst prison in the state.


All because of an unfortunate situation!


7 thoughts on “The mental issues medical meltdown

  1. Stories like this one, the chair sniffer, and the piss test have great potential for a book . It is incidents like these that set the scene and give readers a real feel for that which you relate. That which you live. The piss test post is my favourite of everything you’ve written. It made me think of books like Papillion. One to look up if you don’t already have it. Keep on keeping on. sonmicloud

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      1. The edge you have is the humour behind the hard facts (well, taking into account a bit of artistic licence of course). I quote from the web next, because it’s easier heh- ‘Papillon is a memoir by convicted felon and fugitive Henri Charrière, first published in France in 1969, describing his escape from a penal colony in French Guiana. It became an instant bestseller.’
        I highly recommend you read it, it’ll give you a flavour of a direction you could quite feasibly go down. It was also made into a brilliant film, with Steve Mc Queen and Dustin. Hoffman in, but films are not at your fingertips I’m sure, and anyway, the book should always be read before the film. 😀 sonmicloud.

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  2. I agree with sonmicloud^ I love these pieces about your daily encounters. It sheds light on a system that people don’t know much about unless they’ve been there themselves. I always found it odd that prison is just a motley crew of people. someone can be there for a non-violet offense, while your cell mate is a psycho path. It’s not fair. We’re all people and we make mistakes. Alot of us have done things that COULD have resulted in being behind bars we just got lucky and didn’t get caught and ( hopefully) changed out ways. I think prison should be segregated by crime committed. One prison for this crime, another prison for that crime. Anyway, these stories would make a good book. I’ll read it!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, there is a lot that goes on that people are not aware of and as you said, we all make mistakes, just some were lucky enough not to get caught. Prison’s are segregated to an extent, where I am at it is non-violent offenders with behavioral or drug problems, yet every now and then you have the one guy who snaps and ends up going to the worst prison in the state. However, you have a guy who could have committed a crime that was not violent but because of his charges he is put in the highest level prison in the state that is with those who have murdered, predators, etc…The system is messed up and it doesn’t seem to get any better.


  3. First, allow me to say, I completely enjoy your writing. Your style is spot-on for the subject matter, and I concur with another commentor: book is in order. I have not enjoyed this kind of writing as much since I read “You Got Nothing Coming” by Jimmy Lerner.

    I have been institutionalized for many years. I did not say ‘incarcerated’. (I was incarcerated once. In Mexico. For three days, but that don’t count, right? Cuz it just weren’t my fault.)

    Working and living in the middle of the desolate Sinai Desert for three years, working and living on a haze gray piece of shit for four years, (Navy), working and living in places like Anbar Province Iraq for four years, working and living in Helmand Province Afghanistan for eighteen months. Yes, I do understand institutions, be they military, expat contractors, or incarceration. (Less on the incarcerations, yes, I will admit).

    Great stuff you are writing.

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate that, I am thinking I might actually right a book. I am glad you enjoy my stuff and I have plenty more to come. Sounds like you have also had your share of adventures in life as well.


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