A great weekend…what’s new

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all of you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good as you all know, Jen came to visit me over the weekend.

I’d like to give all of you a quick little update as to what I have been working on and what is to come.

First, I am currently in the process of creating some new cartoons to submit to a few different magazines. Jen has convinced me this is something I should be doing a lot more of considering I’ve had some success with this sort of thing before in the past.

I’ll keep all of you posted, if and when, anything develops there.

Second, two new crucial elements have been added to Joewriteshiswrongs. I now have a joewriteshiswrongs “Like” page on Facebook where I hope you will visit and check out often. I got some great future plans for that page but I won’t get into that right now. Let’s just say I’m really working to take Joewriteshiswrongs to the next level.

Also, I’m now on twitter. With the use of this additional social network and platform I hope it to gain even more attention to the stories I tell and cartoons alike that depict my incarcerated journey.

Finally third…what story should I tell this week?  I’ll definitely be telling all of you about my prison dental experience tomorrow, that is as long as the mail is on time for Jen to get. LOL I only say that because today she finally received the “12 year later-confession” story. Only a month after I sent it out.

The dental story for tomorrow will be a continuation of the nightmare that is the medical department of most correctional facilities. But other than that what should I tell you about… there is SO MUCH to tell you about.

Maybe I should ask all of you.

What do YOU want to hear about?

Take the poll and tomorrow we will see what everyone wants to hear about. Then I will tell the story with the most votes.


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