The Story of “Lucky”

This week has been challenging and trying to remain positive when I am already surrounded by so much negativity as it is can be hard at times. This cartoon seemed to go well with how this week has been.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog for a previous blog I was using, it was about a seagull here at the prison named “Lucky” who is also incorporated in the cartoon. I thought I would share it with all of you so you could get a better understanding.

What’s up everyone? I hope Christmas was good to all of you out there. Now we have the New Year to look forward to and I for one am certainly looking forward to that!!!

It feels like it has been forever since I last posted anything. Same ol’ story though. I’ve been crazy busy!! LOL. This time, more so than usual, I have a lot I want to tell all of you out there. But first, I have to tell you a story… Throughout these blogs I post I always had it in mind to tell all of you about ‘Lucky’. For whatever reason I never did… could never really fit him in anywhere.

Well this is Lucky’s story…

The prison I’m housed at is full of birds. In the summer this place is flooded with ducks. In the winter, the ducks fly south making room for their replacement: the seagulls. They take over this place when the weather turns colder.

I got to this facility on April 9th 2012, and during that time the seagulls were here in full force. These birds are aggressive scavengers too. When people leave from the chow hall they appear everywhere, circling and dive bombing in search of food.

People hate the seagulls, so much so that they will do anything to keep them at bay.

Well, one day I hear a story of how this guy threw an apple and hit one of the seagulls, breaking its wing. This seagull could no longer fly and became trapped here. He was eventually given the name Lucky.

Summer came, and with it the seagulls left, leaving Lucky behind. Lucky was then immersed in a whole new world one where he was surrounded by ducks. Ironically, people grew close to this broken winged scavenger as he then took on a new meaning. The bird, one that had started out so hated, now became one of us. He represented “us”, the prisoners here… those who were trapped inside these fences, just as he was.

I personally became close to this bird and had many conversations with him, relating to his pain and struggle to adapt.  This bird symbolized ‘needed strength’ as he was forced to adapt to a world he knew nothing of: life grounded.

I remember one summer night as I was walking back to my housing unit around 8:30pm, I saw the strangest thing. The ducks were sleeping in a circle around Lucky, almost protecting him as he slept in the middle. That was so strange to me because as far as I could tell, the ducks had no relationship what so ever with him…I had always assumed he was an outcast, a loner. But then, I wasn’t so sure.

Lucky survived the summer just fine. Every day it was a normal routine to see Lucky scurrying over here, or resting over there. Every so often, you would catch him stretching his wings, trying desperately to right what would forever be broken. He would flop awkwardly in a meager attempt to fly.

Summer ended, the ducks left, and back came the seagulls. I even noticed there was a duck left behind; he too had a broken wing. Rumor had it he has been here long before Lucky.

Things were going just fine, Lucky and the duck would be together in the midst of all the seagull chaos…I could never imagine what was about to happen.

I had always wondered how long Lucky would be able to survive. Would I be here to wittiness his death? How would he die? What would eventually be his undoing? These were questions I had asked myself from time to time.

Well last week the craziest damn thing happened…

I was in the art room working on an important project when this guy came running in.

“Oh my God! You’ll never believe what just happened!!” he said.

“What?” I said.

“There was an eagle”, he began, “he was flying around and the next thing you know, he dropped down, grabbed Lucky and slammed him to the ground.” “He flew off and then came back and grabbed Lucky again”. He continued, “This time he carried him away with all these seagulls chasing after him.”

I knew then that Lucky was dead. But not only that, he was gone forever. Never to be seen again.

After art class was over and I had to return to my housing unit, that was when reality set in. There was no Lucky.

I felt closer to that damn seagull then I did most anyone here. And though I am saddened by the fact he is gone, that’s the natural cycle of things. Our greatest undoing could come from the most unlikely of sources.

Lucky was forced to watch out for all of those around him daily: people, seagulls, ducks… he could have never imagined it would be an eagle that basically appeared from nowhere that ultimately did him in.

The crazy part of this whole story is not only was it an eagle that killed Lucky, it was a bald eagle at that. This country’s national bird…that’s kind of ironic too.

I have done many cartoons about Lucky throughout my time here. But I only have (1) left. It is suppose to be used in the newsletter we get here and it will be posted on my Facebook page where it serves as a fitting tribute to the end of Lucky’s legacy…

OK! So…enough about a seagull right!?! LOL I’ve got a lot of other stuff to tell you about. But I will keep that for the next blog. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive. Please let me know what you think of Luckys’ story too! A lot more to come soon, so be on the lookout for what’s next, BIG THINGS!!!



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