An Email Confession Continues…

Jen began reading me this email to start it off with “that chick” saying that she was glad I wasn’t made at her.

Especially after so many years.

Then she said how she wasn’t sure if I ever knew or not, but 12 years ago I had made her so mad and because of that… she had me set up and robbed.

“Do you remember a long time ago when those two guys robbed you?” She asked.

“Well, that was because of me. You had made me so mad, that I had you set up.” She said.

Now, I guess, she was telling me this because she wanted me to forgive her.

First, did I remember!?! I thought. How the hell could I ever forget!?!

12 years ago two guys had come into my home and robbed me and 2 other individuals… at GUNPOINT, no less!?!

I remember vividly thinking during that incident that I might be killed!!

That was some serious shit that went down that day!

Not to mention, I had a gun too.

But it was hidden in a different room.

What if I had been able to get to that gun? I could have been killed or just as easily killed someone else that day!

You mean to tell me all of this was because I had made some chick mad at me!!

What the hell could I have possibly done, that bad that deserved that type of retribution?

To this day, I’m still not completely sure as to the answer to THAT one.

After learning all this I got off the phone with Jen.

I needed time to think…

To try and clear my head before I attempted to respond.

But I didn’t really get any time to clear my head because no sooner had I gotten off the phone, a crazy ass fight/ potential gang riot “jumped off.”  (Which you can read about in “The Craziness of Last Sunday…To Be Continued.)

So it was in the mist of all this, that I had to try and stay alive, and out of the way, while also trying to figure out what to make of all that I had just learned.

I pondered all this for most of the day. I mean, what would you do? How would you respond if you learned 12 years ago someone you had considered close had you set up and robbed in a situation where you could have potentially lost your life or maybe even killed someone?

Maybe… it’s just because I’ve always been a sucker for the drama. But for whatever reason, I decided to just say fuck it, and accept the damn apology this chick was now trying to offer me.

I mean, we all make mistakes in life. I’m damn sure prime example of that right? Back then, she was just young and dumb and even though that whole scenario could have ended a lot worse…

Thank God it didn’t.

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in shit that we don’t realize what it is we’re REALLY doing until it is to late…

Until the damage is already done.

Sure that chick made a decision back then that could have resulted in a much worse outcome.

But thankfully it didn’t.

So no need to blow on that too much.

If she would have never made that confession to me, all of that would have continued to go down as one of those great mysteries in life that you never really have an answer for.

I would have been none the wiser had she never told me who had really orchestrated the hit that day. But because she did, and no matter what her intentions were for telling me, one thing is certainly true…

It takes big time GUTS to admit something like that.


5 thoughts on “An Email Confession Continues…

  1. Wow! That’s crazy! I cannot imagine being robbed, at gun point or otherwise. (Mind you, I also can’t really comprehend people owning guns – can you tell how white bread Canadian I am? lol) and the fact that someone you once cared about orchestrated it is so surreal. It’s like a movie. You have had some wild experiences in your life, Joe. It’s a mark of maturity and wisdom to realize it’s in the past, could have been so much worse, but wasn’t. I don’t know how old you are, you look pretty young in your profile picture but your posts paint a picture of someone who is embracing maturity and peace. What I’m going to say next could bother some people so I’m going to put a disclaimer out here first…I don’t have a lot of faith in organized religion or even an opinion on god. And I don’t meant his in a religious way…But I know the serenity prayer from seeing it on the walls growing up and I believe even if you take the religious end of things completely out of it, it describes a way of being we should all aspire to…

    The serenity to accept the things you cannot change (I struggled with this one too much in my life but I think I’m getting better at it)

    Courage to change the things you can (working on it!)

    And the wisdom to know the difference.

    And your post today speaks of that third part. Way to go! Knowing what to forgive and let go of is huge.

    And I’m so glad to hear there is no little Joe who grew up without his Daddy!

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  2. Well, i just wanna say I guessed the situation correctly! lol.

    But, you’re right. The situation COULD have been so much worse. It could have been SO different. In the end knowing who planned the robbery and not knowing makes absolute no difference to your life RIGHT NOW. So yeah, the past is the past. It’s more important you believe and feel that and go on living and working towards a good life and better future with good people.

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