An email confession…after 12 years (Read/Take Poll)

Throughout life you will meet people, know people, and forget people. It’s funny how you can go years without even thinking about someone and then boom, they just pop back up, out of nowhere and you can’t even remember when the last time you talked to that person was. Or even why you lost contact with them in the first place.

Well, that is exactly what happen to me a few weeks ago. Oh, and by the way… this is that lost story I had mentioned before. The one that started my Sunday off a few weeks ago kind of fucked up.

A few weeks ago this chick I knew and dated from 12 years ago popped back up. She had friended me on FB and when she did, I originally thought “Oh shit, it’s that chick… Man, I haven’t talk to her in years.”

Well, that was a few months back.

When she friended me, we never even exchanged any messages…

That was until a couple of weeks ago.

She sent me a message out of the blue one day, and from then on, we exchanged a few more. Kind of catching up a little, I guess. Nothing to out of the ordinary except for one thing.

She said she hopped I wasn’t mad at her.

Whatever it was she was talking about, I had no clue. So I told her I wasn’t mad at her and the past was the past.

I’m only looking towards the future.

That my friends, was the key needed to open the flood gates.

I called Jen on what was then a Sunday morning and she said she had received a message back from “that chick.”

“Oh, goodie.” I thought.

Jen said “Are you in a good mood?”

This to me was a clear indication that I was about to receive bad if not horrible news. So I responded by asking Jen “What the FUCK did this bitch just say?!?”

What do all of you think “That Chick” said to me in an email confession…after 12 years…that was so crazy it was most certainly blog worthy?

Take the poll; see what others are thinking too, and tomorrow we will see who is right and just how crazy this crazy ass story concludes…

Click here to read what happen next.


11 thoughts on “An email confession…after 12 years (Read/Take Poll)

  1. You’ve got me on the edge of my seat! And I have to say, Jen sounds like a pretty special lady to not get all jealous about you corresponding with a female from your past.
    I’ll be by tomorrow looking for the rest of the story 🙂

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    1. Jen (me) is only so understanding because I am the go between for all his corresponding. lol Since he is incarcerated he does all the writing and drawing and I just type/post it for him. 🙂 Another reason why sometimes it might take awhile to reply back, because I wait till he calls to get his response to reply back to comments.
      Tomorrow will definitely be worth stopping by for the results…shocker for sure.

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  2. Reblogged this on JoeWritesHisWrongs and commented:

    I normally don’t reblog my own stuff. Since this blog was rather interesting and I tried something new by adding a timed poll on it, I figured I would reblog so anyone who hasn’t read/voted can. I will be posting the continued blog with the results later this evening.


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