The Craziness of Last Sunday…To Be Continued

The other week, someone had broken into the locker of a much hated guy here in the housing unit. This happened in the middle of the night, and $60 dollars worth of commissary items were stolen from this hated guy.

Now, even though this guy who had been robbed was “hated” by so many people in the housing unit, he was a gang member. So this meant there would probably be repercussion for this targeted hit.

I guess through some investigating, he found out WHO it was who had broke into his locker.

I was able to reach this conclusion as I was trying to get back to work after I had gotten off the phone. As I did so, the guy who had been robbed, “hated” guy, walked right passed me with an utter look of purpose and determination.

“Uh-oh,” I thought to myself. “This might be something about to go down.”

God, I love when I’m right, too.

Hated guy walked passed me, right on over to where this other guy was SLEEPING in his rack, and then proceeded to attempt to beat the holy shit out of this sleeping individual.

I guess this was the guy he thought had stolen from him.

The guy who was on the receiving end of this assault, slept on the “top-rack,” so not only did he get woken up by an attempted assault, he also got dragged off of his top bunk and dropped into the floor.

That’s about a 4 or 5 foot drop to.

All of this happens in a mere matter of seconds. Soon, these 2 idiots were fighting RIGHT in front of me.

There I was, just sitting in my own little “peaceful” world, working on the literature masterpieces that are the stories and blogs posted here on JOEWRITESHISWRONGS when all of a sudden a violent event was unfolding right before my eyes.

This is going to make for a great story, I thought to myself.

Fucking KILL each other! I silently prayed to myself. My readers are going to LOVE reading about all this!!

Both of these fighters were certainly by no means “golden glove” material, here. So even though they were trying in every possible way to KILL each other and causing quite a bit of damage in the process… this was something pretty intriguing to watch “go-down.”

Especially considering how the “tides” had turned.

Now, the one who had started the fight, the one who had woken the other up with his barrage of “haymakers;” he was the one who seemed to be getting HIS ass handed to himself.

How the HELL do you lose a fight that you started to a guy who was ASLEEP!?! I thought to myself.

And lose he continued to do… Until he lost completely!

When it was all over, when the smoke had cleared, hated guy had gotten his ass kicked.

This was made even more apparent by the amount of blood he had lost that was thrown like red paint here and there throughout the housing unit. Plus hated guys face sort of looked like tenderized meat that had been beaten with a meat cleaver.

What made all this worse?

Oh…well that was the fact that BOTH of these guys were gang members from RIVAL gangs!!

So, what started out as a fight that no one RESPECTED because of how it started. You know, the whole one guy being attacked as he slept thing… That didn’t really jell well with the masses… now turned into gang retaliation.

This whole thing spun out of control pretty quick.

Large groups of people started gathering, siding with either one side or the other. It began to look as if a “War of the Worlds” type fallout might ensue.

What made all of this worse, STILL!?!

Oh… that was the fact that one of the gang guys involved in the fight, he was a member of an all “white” gang.

Surprisingly, that is kind of a big thing here too.

So now because of this, the housing units began separating even more. Now, by skin color… this is the worst type of separation any prison can experience because these types of things NEVER end good.

Tension spilled out onto the REC yard, too.

Outside there was at least 100 guys from each side ready for some Spartan shit. All of this certainly had the overall anxiety of the “compound” on fall alert.

Beyond question, this was a very STRESSFUL time to be just a regular white guy like myself with no gang affiliation to speak of. I definitely did not want ANY part of this insanity.

There was no telling what was about to take place.

Would I be forced into some shit that was beyond my control, over something that I had absolutely NOTHING to do with in the first place?

The day continued to weight heavy with violence seeming the only likely outcome to all of this.

Then, without warning, it happened.

The two sides converged on the middle of the rec yard and… decided to not do shit.

What a bunch of pussies.

All that for THAT! I thought about writing a farewell cruel world type blog in the midst of all of this just in case I DIED during this drama.

But that’s just me being a jackass.

In all seriousness, I’m grateful things ended somewhat peacefully.

This story is a great example of how shit can go from 0-60 in the blink of an eye. Hell, that day had begun with me in total shock behind an old friend and the bullshit they had pulled 12 years prior.

Then it turned into an almost full blown race war. Just like that.

Every day in this place is a battle, whether due to forces outside these walls or within them. Yet, still I do all I can to remain driven and on the right track.

Some days though… That’s easier said than done.

*Keep in mind this is the second part of the story due to part one getting lost in the mail, so it had to be switched and part one should be posted the start of the week.


3 thoughts on “The Craziness of Last Sunday…To Be Continued

  1. “This is going to make for a great story, I thought to myself.

    Fucking KILL each other! I silently prayed to myself. My readers are going to LOVE reading about all this!”
    – I lol-ed so much at that. Oh the things we watch happen for the sake of writing. I do the same with customers I get at work ( working retail) but i’m saving all those stories for a book once day…


    1. I am glad that was well received, I tend to wonder what my readers are going to think from some of the things I say or write about.
      Yeah, people tend to give you great things to write about with the way they act at times.


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