How are you blogging from prison???

The question I get asked more than anything is “they let you use the internet in prison?” Well, no. Joe can’t use the internet in prison and that is why I (his fiancé, Jen) post everything for him. I have mentioned this before and as someone mentioned in a comment to Joe, he should mention it in his “about me” section for new followers…which I plan to add soon.

I wanted to write a little something that just explains a few things so anyone who was wondering about JoeWritesHisWrongs had a better understanding of the blog and how it was ran.

The stories and cartoons/artwork that Joe creates he sends to me through the mail and I then post them on his page when he tells me to. Sometimes the mail wants to take it’s time (like it has done this week) causing a delay in blogs Joe has wrote that he wants to share with all of you. When this happens Joe gives me something to type up over the phone to post on his blog, or a cartoon he previously created that I have stored on my laptop already.

I talk to Joe daily unless they are on lockdown so any activity he receives on his page I inform him of all of it. When he receives a comment, I wait to reply back to it until after I talk to him that way I can get his response. So, I may be the one typing the response but it is indeed his words I reply back with.

I actually give him a little background info as to each one of you who follows him. When he receives a new follower I check out their page and share with him what it is about. Any interesting pages I stumble upon I share with him and many of your pages out there I have actually printed out post entries from them and sent them to him so he has an idea of what your blogs were about as well.

For a single mother who coaches her sons soccer team along with being on the soccer board, takes college courses (full-time student), decorates cakes, along with the normal everyday things in life, I still manage to maintain helping Joe share his stories with all of you and share many of your stories with him.

Even though it is a lot to take on at times and can be very stressful, I enjoy doing it because the support he receives from so many is unbelievably amazing and so awesome and I want you all to know he supports your blogs just as much. I have come across some very helpful, interesting, and funny blogs in which I always share them with him.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion anyone might have had.

Have a great weekend!



4 thoughts on “How are you blogging from prison???

  1. I figured that was about how it was working – I imagine it can get frustrating getting everything together to keep this blog rolling but just remember all bloggers tend to have peaks and valleys in their production cycles. I also have times when I can’t visit my favorite blogs and it seems like I can’t hardly catch-up if I miss too much activity. So I guess what I’m saying is I really don’t mind a laid-back blog. If I stop by here and there is nothing new… there is plenty of timeless content in the archive to make the visit worthwhile. I encourage everyone to dig around here… trust me, it ain’t all on the front page 😉

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    1. Very well put and I could not agree more! I was just telling Joe earlier on the phone that his blogs are interesting and entertaining enough that he doesn’t always have to post something to keep people interested.
      I can say though for being in such a negative environment he manages to stay positive and motivated.
      I also agree that everyone should dig around here because there is a lot of good stories to read 🙂 Speaking of which when I finally do get the mail from what he has told me of this next story it is going to be VERY interesting.
      Thanks for all the great support!


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