Thank God it’s Friday!

Happy Friday from a guy trapped behind razor wire fences and concrete blocked walls. My surrounding might seem grim to most. Believe me there all you can imagine and in some cases maybe even more.

Or worse!

But I make do and I make the most out of the piss poor hand I’m forced to play right now.

I always look at the glass half full too. Even if it’s only got that way because of the torrential down poor that constantly “soak me to the bone” and come from the proverbial “black cloud” overhead.

But the weekend is upon all of us!

You out there…me in here…

And this is a little break to hopefully allow the sun to shine threw no matter the forecast.

No matter the weather.

To all of you, enjoy Friday.

Enjoy the weekend.

As you do, think to yourself that at this exact moment right now….

Any moment!

Every moment!

Joe is sitting in Prison, Writing His Wrongs. 


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