Prison mail

Since I am not too far from the prison that Joe is at, it only takes a day for us to receive the others mail. I receive my mail in the morning and the prison hands out mail in the evening to all the inmates. However, where Joe is at they do not do mail on the weekends so I always know that Joe will not get mail from me on Saturday and I will not receive anything from him on Monday’s.

With Monday being a federal holiday mail did not go out until Tuesday which means I would not receive anything until Wednesday, unless mail is running slow and then it takes an extra day or so. Which is the case this week I guess; I was suppose to receive a blog today that Joe wanted me to post and when I went to my post office box there was no letter today.

So…with that said, tomorrow be expecting a new blog entry from JoeWritesHisWrong, it could be something humorous, crazy, motivational, your guess is as good as mine. I assure you though it will be good and today enjoy a cartoon/short story I will post later after Joe calls and lets me know what he wants me to post for all of his awesome followers.


6 thoughts on “Prison mail

  1. I hate that about mail in jails and prisons — the places I was in didn’t do mail on weekends, either, and one of them wasn’t consistent about remembering to do it every day on weekdays. And then of of course, there are the C.O.s who like to withhold mail from the whole unit just because…


    1. Yeah, I hate that shit. We got some cool C.O.s but most the people working here are assholes who enjoy making our lives even more hell then it already is.
      I swear they make my life hell just cause I’m trying to actually do something with my life once I am released.
      Sounds like you already know the kind of shit I’m forced to deal with daily in place.


      1. I think a lot of them dislike people who are trying to better themselves even more than those who aren’t because they seem to think those who are trying to better themselves are always lying about their intention to stay clean/stay out of trouble.


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