In case you were wondering…

Anyone who follows this blog knows that Joe is incarcerated and has been for the past 5 ½ years. The stories he tells have to do with his life while in prison, whether it is things he goes through, sees, or his thoughts on life while incarcerated.

My name is Jen, I am his fiancé and also the one who maintains his page while he is locked up. A team effort you could say, we have always made a great team too. Joe sends me his stories and cartoons and I type them up and post them for him when he wants me to do so.

I want to say that all the feedback and interest in his page is amazing. It really motivates him to know that so many take an interest in his page and have such positive things to say or just enjoy the humor he has in certain stories/cartoons.

Joe is one of the most positive and motivated people I have met and the fact he is incarcerated and still remains so positive and motivated is even more amazing. He is determined to change his life around for the better and each day he works hard to do just that.

I know he will make something great of himself.

I just want to personally thank all of you again, your support matters a great deal to both of us!

I talk to Joe everyday unless they are on lock-down or the phones are not working and each time we talk and I tell him about the activity on his page or a new comment, it makes his day that much better, which in return makes my day that much better.

So again, thank you!


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