For Jen

What I’m about to do here, my boy Shep likes to call this “Boo-lovin.” It’s where you show major affection toward that special someone in your life.

You do this for the world to see, not caring what anyone thinks or says.

For guys like me and Shep, who are in prison, we might do this during visits or on social media. We might do this through letters or on the phone…Anything to show the special ladies in our lives, just what they mean to us.

Out there in the world, Boo-lovin for you might be something you do with a significant other at the mall, or maybe the movies.

For the gay guys here at the prison, Boo-lovin for them might take place in the art room, or a private bathroom. BLA- Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Moving on…

So…this is for the most important woman in my life.

My beautifully awesome girl, Jen!

Everything that is anything I am right now or that I’ll ever be is because of this amazing woman. She believes in me and never gives up on me. She pushes me to keep working as hard as I possibly can.

Even when I want to quit!

This chick would ride or die for me to the ends of the earth if for some reason I thought it was a good idea.

Then she would smack the shit out of me for ever thinking “THAT” was a good idea.

When shit gets bad or when I’m an ass, she handles that shit.

She keeps my ass in check.

For all that she does and for all that she is…I love this chick.



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