“Hungry In Prison”

Hey. Are you hungry? Want to go grab a bite to eat?


I can’t wait until I can say something like that again. But for now I am just Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”, lost on a deserted Island.

With no food!

Just like in the movie, I have been forced to adapt.

Sometimes if I am too hungry, I have no food; I’ll just drink water…or maybe even a cup of coffee.

It is kinda like a survival tactic.

I just recently saw a commercial on t.v. where a chick wanted an ice cream cone so bad she balled up paper and made a paper version of the ice cream cone.

I guess eating paper IS always an option.

When you’re hungry in prison, what’s on the menu for chow doesn’t even matter. The worst shit here some people look forward too.

For me today was one of those “hungry” days.

Today for lunch we had a bologna sandwich….

It was fucking horrible.

The quality of the meat had to be the worst that is humanly consumable. But I was too hungry to care.

While eating I started wondering, what might actually be the “genetic makeup” of this mystery meat.

What part of what animal had been forged together to make up what I then was ingesting. I almost threw up thinking about this. So I stopped thinking all together and just concentrated fully on my survival.

The movie “Cast Away” might not have been a strong enough analogy.

Right now it feels like I am living the “Hunger Games”.



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