(Written 1/7/2014) Intro to 2014…Reflect a little…twerk a little

Happy New Year Everyone! Wow…that’s about a week late! LOL 2014 is finally here though. The beginning of a new year, and a major opportunity for all of us to see some great things happen. I had been a little lost about the direction to take everything this New Year. But after reading the last 4 months of my blogs, I’ve come a few conclusions…1. I have totally been trying to do too much! Lol I mean with every post it was a new venture I had in mind. 2. I have got to focus my efforts on whatever I feel best about. Whatever makes me happiest and has the best chance for success. (Sounds like a great philosophy for life too.) 3. Maximize every effort too! Whatever course I do decide I have got to do it to the fullest. No half-steppin. This is my life we’re talking about here! It’s also the beginning of a new life too…a little out with the old and in with the new. (Yes I have even new ventures in mind too. LOL) And some old ones to part ways with. Also a few that will always remain that just need a little kick in the ass! LOL

So, what am I parting ways with? Well, honestly I don’t really know. I mean, I’d hate to say I am completely done with something and then later on down the road that thing becomes relevant again. I’m sort of like a hoarder of ventures and ideas I guess. LOL For now, I am just going to work on what is relevant now and take things a day and a time.

I won’t go into detail about my new shit right now. But I will say this…as for the whole “things I am working on that need a major kick in the ass” part goes…one of the main things I’m talking about there is this blog. This is my voice to all of you out in the world! This thing has to be great! I want to entertain, enlighten, uplift, and encourage all of you through what I’m posting. So, in an effort to do just that, expect the unexpected here.

You never know what I will be posting next on here, maybe a funny story or a serious topic. Maybe something to uplift and encourage or maybe something on what I have been up to lately. So with that, this blog has to transform, I have to take things to the highest level here. The old monotonous stuff is dead! It’s like Miley Cyrus decided she no longer wanted to be known as Hannah Montana, and she did everything explicitly possible to prove ‘Hannah’ was dead. That has worked out pretty good for her… right? LOL Well that is what I have to do, ya’ll. I have to become Miley Cyrus…in a sense, I mean…No. Wait, that sounds horrible! LOL Hey look all I am saying is it’s your interest in my story and your entertainment that I’m after here. I want to be motivational to every one of you at the same time entertaining. I want all of you to look forward to these weekly postings because who the hell knows what the next one will be about. Or what I will say for that matter. I mean Jesus Christ! I just compared myself to Miley Cyrus! LOL

Life is crazy here in prison and there is a lot I keep out of “press” for fear of “blow back”. But now, I feel like “fuck it!” Hell, half of what I keep out of the light is the funniest shit anyways! LOL “My life is your entertainment” like T.I. said…”And no longer will I water this shit down.” Prepare yourself for madness that will leave you intrigued and wanting more! I hope. LOL

It’s 2014 ya’ll! Let’s do it on a major scale too! I’ll do mine from here, all of you just hold it down out there. And I’ll show you one hell of a crazy view from my vantage point…here from behind the fences.

Get ready for the insanity here!



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