With the goal within sight…we must never give up

With the goal within sights…we must never give up

Hello again everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. It took me a little longer than usual to get this entrée out, but the past week has been not only busy for me, it’s been pretty crazy as well. Sometimes, trying to remain positive and optimistic in here isn’t an easy thing to do. Out there in the free world there’s a government shutdown to contend with. While in here, things are insane. In the past week, I’ve seen 10 people from my building go to the hole. I myself came very close to becoming the 11th person. A tattooing situation almost made all that I’ve worked so hard towards invalid…worth nothing.  As it all almost disappeared that fast. Luckily though, the guys who were actually involved in the whole tattooing incident kept me out of a situation I had nothing to do with, and I was let go. But that close call showed me just how quickly in here things can change completely for the worse. Even because of something that has nothing to do with you at all.

Most days in here are like trying to navigate a battlefield. You maneuver as best as you can through each obstacle hoping you make it safely to the next day.

This is a very hard place to keep a positive attitude. But through endless trials and tribulations, somehow I do. My hopes and dreams will not be shattered by this place, or by the negativity I face each day. And I will reach my goals. Not only because I want to either, because I have too…because I feel like there is no other alternative for me. I have to find success here, from prison. And I pray that will carry over to my life as a free man. That’s why each day I work as hard as I can towards a greater tomorrow. And I encourage each of you out there to do the same thing.

This week I want to talk about reaching goals…

Setting a goal and working towards it is such a wonderful thing. It can motivate and inspire us. Helping us to believe that by reaching a goal, great things will come from that. But obstacles can sometimes be endless. They can come in the form of feeling like what we’re working towards will never materialize. That we’re working too hard for something that is starting to seem less likely to ever be achieved. Maybe those obstacles come in the form of actual hurdles that we face. We realize we don’t have the needed resources or connections to do what we originally set out to do. Or, an even bigger hurdle yet, we don’t have the money to make out goals a reality. Those types of hurdles and obstacles are enough to knock anyone off course.

But the point of setting a goal and working towards it is being able to face what stands in the way of us actually reaching it. There will always be obstacles and hurdles that stand between us and our goals. It’s what we do when faced with these things that are ultimately important. We must never give up…we must work through each game changer as it presents itself. Because what is an obstacle really besides something that is made to be conquered.

Just as motivating and inspiring as setting a goal and working towards it can be, even more so is the feeling of conquering an obstacle while in pursuit of what you work so hard for. Each obstacle conquered brings us closer to the goal line. What once seemed such a far off thing is now within sight. Close enough now that we begin to feel we’re really going to reach our goal.

But all of this can pose a totally new set of obstacles for us. Sometimes we begin to feel overly confident that we will succeed and feelings such as these can cause us to “let up” a little…causing us to take our foot off the gas a little. And believe that our forward momentum is enough to carry us across the goal line… Sometimes it is. From my own personal experience, I’ve found that this can be detrimental to our efforts.

We’ve worked so hard to get this far, overcoming so much in the process that our over confidence can hinder us most. We can lose sight of reality believing there’s no way that we won’t reach the goal. Then, before we know it, reality crashes and we’re a lot further off than we had once originally thought. It’s this “pendulum-swing” goal reaching effort that can have the most effect on whether or not we stay the course. In a lot of cases, I myself, do not.

Can you relate? Have you ever felt this before yourself? Lost sight of a goal, only to have it get away from you completely?

So…how do we avoid this? In my opinion, we have to work even harder during times we feel we can “let up” a little. When the goal is within sight, and the possibility becomes more likely that we’ll actually reach it, that’s when it is time to pull out all the stops…that’s when you should work the hardest, press even closer, and do everything humanly possible to make sure we finish strong. Getting closer to the goal line is not the time to just expect to score; it’s the time to make sure we do nothing other than put points on the board.

I hope my words are inspirational as well as uplifting. In whatever you work towards in life, stay the course. Don’t let the hurdles and obstacles you face ever stop you from believing in your ability to succeed.

There are many obstacles and hurdles myself daily. In an effort to try to get even closer to my goals, I have put together a crowd funding campaign through GOFUNDME.COM I hope you will visit my campaign page and consider a possible donation. Your help would greatly enhance my chances of finding success I work so hard to find here. It’s your possible donation that could help me reach my goal amount and in turn help me purchase the things I need to ultimately create higher quality products.

Any help you provide would most certainly be greatly appreciated.


Til next week, take care everyone.

Written Oct. 10, 2013


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