September A Month To Remember

Hello world. As I start this, I’m reminded of just how tragic of a month September has been in years past. Terrorist attacks on 9/11, Benghazi, and the most recent atrocity Monday at the Washington Navy Yard in DC by one of our own American Citizens saddens me greatly as I offer my condolences and respect.

Even though I’m just a prisoner housed in a place where people who commit those types of atrocities belong, I feel strongly enough to weigh in on a subject such as this. I also realize my opinion probably doesn’t matter as society most likely views me as nothing more than a criminal based upon my record and current incarceration. But even here, housed amongst the worst, and probably considered just the same by most of free America, I care about what is happening outside these walls and fences on a daily basis.

Though I have made hundreds of mistakes and have spent most of my life incarcerated, I’m still an American Citizen, someone who very much cares about this country and wants to very much prove my worth in society.

But in here, I’m forced to do all that I can not to drown by the constant negativity a place like prison can generate. Finding anything positive here is not an easy task. Yet, every day I strive to remain just that: positive.

I want so much to matter to the world, to the people around me. I want to forever be known as someone who took the absolute worst and turned it into something great. I want to be someone who motivates others to never give up. For others who might also be in a negative situation themselves. See my struggle, witness firsthand as I strive to overcome the mountainous obstacles I face.

Watch as I never give up and do whatever it takes to rise above this. Let that motivate you! Knowing that even in the worst situations, even in the wake of a national tragedy-absolute negativity-we must never give up. We have to remain strong in every situation we’re faced with even if remaining strong at times seems an unrealistic possibility.

Strength can give you hope and hope can do so much to motivate us, to keep us driven. I am driven by hope and motivated to find better. I am better than what most of society might consider me now. And I ask for a chance to prove my worth through the art that I create.

It is my hope that what I create brings humor and enjoyment to those who see it. That-I-feel-is at the very least one of many things I can contribute to a more meaningful life: bringing people humor and enjoyment, helping to uplift them. That is how strongly I feel about my art. My passion for life and my country are just as strong.

Written on Sept 19, 2013


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