My hopes and dreams

Hello everyone, it has been great hearing from all of you that I’ve heard from lately. And thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive of me and what I am trying to do from here behind the fence. It’s your support that not only inspires me it also motivates me to continue working as hard as I can towards something better. Every day, all day, I do all I can in an effort to see just that: something better.

So maybe you ask yourself what is it I’m actually hoping to achieve here. How do I plan to find success I always talk about finding through my art? Well, allow me to explain.

Really there are two main focuses I have when it comes to me finding success. Those focuses are “Cropcircles” and caricatures.

“Cropcircles” is a comic strip I created about two hunter/fisherman, and also two deer. I created this strip with these characters because I felt it would not only gain support, it would also gain a fan base featured in any number of small press newspapers in Virginia. Most small newspapers are in towns and countries that might find something like Cropcircles appealing. And there are a lot of these small newspapers in Virginia. How many…? 100+! That’s a heck of a lot of opportunities to find success, and all it takes is one paper to give the strip a chance. I feel that one paper could lead to a lot more.

Even though “Cropcircles” is about hunting and fishing and deer…things some of you might not be into, I still think the strip can be entertaining to everyone. Actually, it’s people who don’t relate to the strip as easily that I hope to gain the attention of most. And I plan to do that by keeping the comic current and relevant to what is going on in the everyday life.

At this moment though, the strip is going through some major overhauls. These are the times I completely tear down, dissect every little thing about it, and then put it back together better than before…Even if only a little more better than before.

Throughout the life of Cropcircles, I’ve probably already done 3-4 times now. But it’s important that I overhaul it as much as it is needed in order for this “brand” to even stand a sliver of hope at becoming successful. It has to be the absolute best product I can compile.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting strips on my Facebook page as “Cropcircles” slowly comes to life. Please feel free to comment anytime, and let me know your thoughts.

So…just as important as “Cropcircles” is to me is my caricature work. I take this just as serious, hoping for as much, or even more success. I love drawing caricatures! Especially when I do one for someone and they end up really liking the end product. I try to draw as many caricatures as I can, as often as I can. Because to me, caricatures are about 3 things: Exaggerated likenesses of whoever I’m drawing, just how quickly I can draw them, and most importantly, how vibrantly colored the piece turns out to be.

With the first two parts to that, the likenesses and speed, I feel I’m getting really great at. It’s the whole vibrant color thing I’m having major problems with. I don’t have the tools needed to create vibrant color. That’s why I’ve created a GOFUNDME campaign linked to my Facebook page. My hopes are to raise funds so that I can order the supplies needed to eliminate the problem as well as other things that could greatly help me along the way.

So, what is so great about caricatures anyway? Well, to me, I see them as a great way to make people happy. When I create a product they really like, that makes them happy. And I’ve grown to learn making people happy really makes me happy.

I see great things in the future too! Once released, I would love to go to festivals, art shows, and other public events where I could do caricatures for people. That could really help boost advertising of all that I am trying to do caricature-wise because ultimately my dream would be running a successful web based business specializing in custom caricature and cartoon work…

So…those are my hopes and dreams. How I really hope to find success through my art. It may seem like a crazy plan, but I truly believe in my ability to turn this crazy plan into a reality.

I hope all of you will continue to believe in me and also root for me as I strive to prove that the mistakes of my past will no longer stand in the way of my success in the future.


Written Oct. 16, 2013


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