Happy Holidays

Hey Everyone! Thanks to all of you for the Birthday well wishes! I swear I haven’t had that many people tell me Happy Birthday in a looong time. LOL.

Sorry too, I’ve been king of slacking on the page lately. Great news though! I got some art supplies!! So now my work is seriously about to look a lot better. New art supplies are like a brand new pair of shoes…They give me a little bit of confidence and help me feel like I’m the sh*t. LOL. So it’s going to definitely show in my work how lately I’ve been feeling myself artistically.

New work will be posted this upcoming week!!! So be on the lookout for that. I promise you will be impressed!!

Also, we’ve got the holidays coming up too! I hope all of you enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas… not to mention the New Year! This is my fifth year locked up and my sixth Christmas and New Years spent here. The holidays are an extremely lonely and depressing time in prison. You would think after all these holidays that I’ve spent incarcerated I’d be used to it by now…In some ways I am. But they still suck here. None the less I’ll remain optimistic… 2014 is right around the corner!! My last full year I’ll have to spend here…It’s going to fly by too! I’ve got big plans for the upcoming year. 2013 was more of a positioning year…Getting myself in position to make the impossible-possible. Well I think that I have done pretty well with that. Now it is time to tackle my biggest objectives yet. Actually finding real success while here, incarcerated. And I know I’ll do just that too! How do I know? Well, too many signs are pointing at just that… That I’ll find success here, I see these signs everyday too! And every day I get just a little bit closer to where I want to be in that aspect of life.

Thanks to all who donated to my gofundme campaign too. It’s because of all of you that I was able to get these art supplies to better my work. So as you see my stuff improve, just know you guys made that possible.

In other news…not much changes here on a daily basis. I’m still surrounded by a bunch of weirdoes and craziness. Trying ever so desperately to hold true to myself and not be drowned on the miser and sickness that prison is. Hell, just keeping a positive frame of mind is more of an accomplishment that most make in here. And don’t get me wrong I have my negative days here too…plenty of them. But I always just tell myself I’ll never be beaten by this. I’ll never give up. If I didn’t at my absolute lowest during the beginning of this “ride” when I literally wanted to kill myself, then I damn sure won’t give up now. Nothing will stop me from getting across the finish line.

All of you out there motivate me without even really knowing it. Just something as simple as some friends on Facebook or a couple of “likes” on my work I post on Facebook is kind of major to me. Thanks to all of you for that. I hope in some way my relentless pursuit of a better life. My unyielding desire to find success can motivate you as well.

Life is like a chess game…And even at my lowest, everyday I’m on my best game.

Written Nov. 27, 2013


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. I am replying two years after this post was originally written. Happy belated birthday!

    I am curious about the mechanics of your posting these two years ago. You aboviously wrote many posts in Oct/Nov/Dec, but could only update them on Jan 27, 2014. I assume you hand-wrote the posts initially. Did you upload them or have someone do it for you?

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