Aug 29, 2013

I am in the process of changing all my blogs over and really starting to up my new blogs. I hope all of you will enjoy my new stuff and tag along for the ride as you read what I go through everyday in here.

What’s up everyone? Thanks to everyone who has friend my f.b. page! Most all of you I haven’t heard from or spoke to in a really long time- and for a guy who’s been locked up for the last 5 years, it means a lot that you’ve added me. To others on my page I don’t know well or even at all, my hope is you’ll find interest and enjoyment in all I’ve got going on here and possibly even root for my success.

I’ll be posting cartoons and caricatures quite often as I’ve got a ton of stuff going on right now. It’s funny how busy and productive a guy can be from prison but I’ve worked impossibly hard just to get this far and I’ve still got a lot further to go. I like to say I’ve just reached the surface in a situation that’s tried to drown me for so long. But even reaching the surface, and being able to tread water- I still feel like I’m 10 miles out from the shoreline.

Still a lot further to go… I’ll also be posting a blog weekly so any of you who want to can keep up with just what I’ve got going on. Could be about some work I’m trying to have published and the hurdles I face doing so. Especially while incarcerated. Or it could just be some random stuff about whatever. Right now I’m trying to get some cartoons done and submitted for (2) upcoming books. But I’m not sure what the chances are that I’ll be successful with this project. I’ll update that page with any developments as they come about. Also I’ve got some cartoons I’m about to submit to Playboy. But Playboy is probably one of the hardest magazines to get featured in…still I’m going to start getting them familiar with seeing my name.

Aside from all of that I’m focusing a lot on my page. Tying to get as much work as I can post and really start drawing attention to all that. So keep an eye out for all the cool stuff I’ll be posting. Well, that’s it for now. Next week will be better, and a lot more interesting. Right now, I’m just really busy. Till next time take care. Joe Guerrero


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