A quick piece

What’s up everyone? I first want to say how sad the death of Paul Walker this past week is. That guy was pretty darn cool and what a tragedy it is that he died so young.

I pained the picture of him that is on my page to pay respect in the best way I thought possible. Thanks to all of you who have commented on the painting or liked it too.

Oh yeah, I’m planning a lot more too now. I’ll be posting major paintings on my page as I have already so quickly grown to love painting as much as cartooning and caricature work. And speaking of cartoons and caricatures…I’ve been doing a lot of both of those as well. I’m real close to having submissions ready for Playboy that will include (5) pretty ‘extreme’ cartoons. I feel sometimes you have to really push the envelope to get people to notice your work and for your stuff to stand out. I’m confident in this submission attempt too. So I hope to soon have great news to tell all of you.

Things here don’t change too much from day to day. Time is passing pretty quickly for me and I can finally say I’m less than 2 years left to serve. 2014 is my last full year in Prison. That doesn’t even seem real to me. But release is approaching and with it will bring great things.

This place I’m incarcerated is a miserable place though. I don’t know if it is because it is the holidays, or what it is. But lately things here just seem to continue to get worse. A whole lot of ‘work’ and no ‘play’. A lot of take and no give. But I guess that’s prison though…it’s the nature of this beast to make life here almost unbearable. I won’t complain too much. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

I hope all of you are preparing for the holidays and enjoy them as well. I truly can’t wait for the time when I can do the same. Take Care.

Written Dec. 8, 2013


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